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Like Father, Like Son: A Deeper Look Into The Relationship of Cory Gunz & Peter Gunz May 19, 2011

cory gunz and peter gunz

by: PatriceJohnson, Your Black World

Cory Gunz (23 years old) standing next to his father, Peter Gunz (early 40’s)

After watching the reality T.V. show “Son of a Gun” there were 5 things that I noticed right off the bat:

1.) Cory Gunz is a talent that is so unique and raw. He is an amazing rapper, and it would take a very special person to even be able to get close to where his talent level is.

2.) Nick Cannon and Cory have a great relationship that is not seen in a lot of the music industry. Nick Cannon does not seem like the type of man that just wants to take his cut of Cory’s money and run away, he cares about Cory’s well-being and that is what all managers should be about.

3.) The “Family Lawyer”, Mr. Ed Woods, is way too comfortable, he thinks that he can tell people when and where to go at what ever time. Ed Woods does not realize that he is working for the Gunz Family and it’s not the other way around.

4.) Young Money Cash Money (YMCMB) needs Cory Gunz in order to function properly as far as the sound. Cory brings so much more to the table than just rap, he also brings HipHop which is lacking in todays music industry. I believe that he can take Young Money to great heights that no one is really expecting.

5.) And last but never least, I believe that Cory and his father, Peter Gunz have an amazing relationship. With his father managing everything that goes on with Cory and being able to work so well with Nick Cannon they can take Cory places that he may have never even dreamed of.


Peter Gunz had a hit some years back called Déjà vu’ (Uptown Baby), and it still has not been forgotten, the only problem is that the hit was not enough to get his family into a mansion or financially set for life. The hit song did just enough to take care of the bills for a few years and that was it. I believe that this is why Peter Gunz reps so hard for Cory because his voice of reason is definitely coming from a good place. Peter wants Cory to rise above all of the skeptics, notions of impossibility and the thought of people saying that Cory might not get to where he wants to be, all because Peter knows that he can make it in this industry.

Being the father of twin daughters, Cory has made it clear that he has no choice but to make great music and perform to his full potential and above as a class act. Leading by an amazing example his father has helped him to develop the unique sound that he has with his high pitch voice and fast rapping lyrics. So when I see Cory on MTV music videos, the Son of A Gun show, or just at any interview that he has done I cannot just give Cory the credit. His whole team deserves credit and no one deserves as much credit as his father.

Cory will soon shine like the brightest star in the Solar System and that is because Cory as himself, Nick Cannon, and last but never least, Peter Gunz has pushed Cory into the star alignment!



One Response to “Like Father, Like Son: A Deeper Look Into The Relationship of Cory Gunz & Peter Gunz”

  1. Bunny Says:

    it is soooo refreshing and inspiring to see a story like this on the web. in the day in age of a 24 hour news cycle, we are bombarded with negativity specificially in our community, black men are either being shot, killed, arrested, etc. they are shown in unflattering pictures and posts (no shirt, tatted-up with a blunt in his mouth and a gun on the table). to see a father and son, making the web news on Your Black World, moving in a positive way, together, being apart of the fabric of each other’s lives while leaving space to grow is exciting!! congratuations to Cory and his dad. we need more stories and examples like these. each person has to find his or her own way, nobody’s journey looks the same – there’s nothing like having a partner (dad) who loves and beleives in you to keep you company as you travel! keep your head up Cory! i give my son’s the same advice 🙂

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