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Queen of Black Celebrity Gossip

Your Parents Give You Life But How You Live It Is Up To YOU!!! May 21, 2011

joseph simmons jr

by: PatriceJohnson, Your Black World

Joseph “JoJo” Simmons Jr.

People always say that your environment is what inspires you to make the decisions that you make. Whether it be good or bad. Some people believe that if you are brought up in a stable home with a mother and father, for females, they are less likely to end up pregnant, more likely to go to college and less likely to end up on welfare. As for males, they are less likely to end up as dead beat dads, more likely to go to college and less likely to end up in prison.

Well I am here to tell you today that statistics, in my opinion, DO NOT MATTER! As far as females, I never had a male living in the home, it was always me, my mother and my younger brother. The neighborhood that I grew up in was okay, I graduated from high school, am attending college and have never been pregnant (THANK GOD!). But the story is different for my mother, she grew up in a pretty good neighborhood, always had her father in the home, got pregnant at 19 and gave birth at twenty and she did attend a community college 13 years after giving birth to me. My father grew up in a nice part of Louisville, had a mother and a father in the home and went off to college but had a child at the age of 18… So can the home truly inspire you as a person to make your own decisions? I’m sure that none of my grandparents told my parents to have a baby at such a young and tender age, that was just something that they’d decided to do.

An example that is great in my opinion is the story of Joseph “JoJo” Simmons Jr. I am not here to talk poorly of him or his past but I feel that he is a great candidate for this article because he was brought up in a well-rounded home with his father Rev. Run and step mother, Justine. They brought up all 5 of their children to the best of their ability and they all turned out pretty successful. But Jojo has hit one speed bump during the course of his life and it was when he was arrested for marijuana possession in 2009. This was not the product of him being brought up in a descent home, this was an action that he, as himself, wanted to take place. His father never said in any of his lyrics that dealing drugs was the thing to do and I have never seen Justine tell Jojo that this was okay either. The only person that told him that something of this nature was okay to do was him as an INDIVIDUAL.

The point of this article is just to say that I am tired of people saying that your household can either make or break you. This is not true, I think that you either listen to the things that your parents tell you to do or you do what you want to do. THE CHOICE IS YOURS…


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