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Shaunie Gives A Little Sneak Peak Of What To Expect On Season 3 of Basketball Wives… May 27, 2011

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by: PatriceJohnson, Your Black World

Shaunie drips a leak about what we should expect for Season 3 of Basketball Wives…

In the past 2 seasons of Basketball Wives I have never saw people who became friends and then turn around and hate each other so quickly… But the ladies are at it for a third time. With so much drama that had never gotten resolved in the last season we know that there will be plenty to watch this season.

Shaunie talks; she tells of what we should expect as far as any beef that may have existed and will pop up through this seasons events that are gong to take place…

We have a new wife coming to the show, Meeka Claxton, wife of Speedy Claxton. She has a little bit of drama with Tammie but that’s not what has the blogs buzzing…

It seems like every season somebody is taking some naked pictures of themselves and they get leaked on the internet. First was Evelyn Lozada, she took naked photos and some how (of course no one knows) the pictures got leaked on to the internet and she pretended to be so embarrassed about it but absolutely loved the attention that she received. Second season, Jennifer (who was still married at the time) had supposedly had some pictures of her naked body posted on the internet but again, no one knows who to blame. This season, Shaunie tells us that Royce has done some picture taking and Jennifer is who may have or may have not leaked the pictures. WTF ladies?!?!?! STOP taking pictures of yourselves!!!!

It seems like the only one on the show who has some sort of sense is Tammie. Now don’t get me wrong because she can be a little ghetto but she most definitely keeps it REAL! And this season she is going to keep it REALLY REAL with Evelyn, after Evelyn decides to make t-shirts that say “You Are A None MuthaF*cking Factor B*tch!!!” This is what leads Tammie to file a lawsuit against Evelyn & I hope that she gets paid in the end…

On Basketballwives we love the drama and we love the people who start or finish it… But either way all I want out of this season is for Evelyn to get her a** beat by either Royce or Tammie… And all will be right with the world once again Smile


2 Responses to “Shaunie Gives A Little Sneak Peak Of What To Expect On Season 3 of Basketball Wives…”

  1. Cheryl Rodgers Says:

    The show is entertaining, but I’d like to see more “family stuff” with the ladies. Allot of partying, and fighting becomes boring, and a loss of interest. We briefly saw some family interaction with Shaunie, and her children, and a small scene with Royce, her Dad and boyfriend………..> These women show off their fashions, fake hair, nails, etc, etc, and show the world they have “gutter mouth’s”……. Let’s see some charity involvement. Let’s see them visiting Children’s hospitals, veterans hospitals, political events……..and do they attend Church? I say boycott the B.S. and focus on more positive shows……

    • I totally agree… I wouldn’t say that they are bad parents but if you think the husbands or ex-husbands do just as much partying as they do so no one is raising their children but the nanny’s… Some people are just caught up in other things…

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