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SMHNews: Young Girl Gets Shot In Head After Asking Gunman Why He Was Shooting… June 13, 2011


by: PatriceJohnson, Your Black World

This girl is brave and deserves a standing ovation…

Saturday night at approximately 11:35 p.m. Yvette Torres, 15, attended a party Fordham Heights, Bronx, New York…

While Torres was at the party, a fight broke out between two young men. One of the young men shot his gun into the air, trying to scare the other young man and his friends… As the boy was shooting, Torres walked up to him and said “why are you shooting?”  It was at that point that Torres was shot in the back of the head at close range.

Torres’ brothers said that the young man cowardly waited until she turned around before he fired the shot.  He then ran away.  Torres is in critical condition and doctors say that she has a slim chance of survival.  There has not been an arrest made on this case, but those at the party say that the man with the gun was wearing a blue hoody.

This is absolutely ridiculous… She was an innocent yet very brave victim… I applaud her for her bravery and hope that she is able to make it through this difficult tragedy…

My condolences go out to the Torres family…


10 Responses to “SMHNews: Young Girl Gets Shot In Head After Asking Gunman Why He Was Shooting…”

  1. Bobby Says:

    I do not see anything heroic about approaching an already out of control individual that is firing a gun and provoking him even more. As the single father of three teenage children (2 girls and a son), my children are at home at this time of night. That said, I have taught them not to put themselves in harms way by walking in front of stray bullets. The smart thing to have done is call the police.

    I have a hard time agreeing with the writer of this story. And, I would encourage the writer to retract the statement because it could motivate someone else to do something that was not very smart.

  2. kim porter Says:

    Thank you Bobby.

  3. This was not at all brave or smart. I do pray that she recovers and serves as an example to young adults/teens to think before acting. Also, Bobby, you are right… the only time my 14 year old son will be out at that time of night is with me and or his dad. So sad that these young people are so violent and have such easy access to guns.

  4. Stay focused people…don’t blame the victim. The focus should remain on the perpetrator of this evil malicious act. Your son or daughter could have been at home studying the bible while this idiot started shooting that gun. We need to get guns out of the hands of young people. Period.

  5. yesitsthatserious Says:

    I think there is a connection between what Bobby has said and the point Dwayne is making. At 15, and at this time of night, maybe she should have been in a safer location (like home) instead of out partying at a club. Maybe it is also true that she should have used better judgement than to confront an angry person with a gun. The fact that she is 15, and was at the party at this time of night/morning, coupled with the way she approached an armed gunman tells everyone a lot about the inexperience of your decision making abilities.

    Despite the consistency of her bad decisions, her confidence, and fearlessness should not go unrecognized. I know a lot of intelligent people who have a hard time making good decisions; you may know some personally. Jesse Jackson, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bill Clinton, Nene Leaks, Barbara Walters, Bishop Eddy Long, Michael Vick, ME! Maybe some of you have been in this position too. . ., and the list can go on and on. . . .

    Finally, the decision to pull the trigger of a loaded gun is squarely in the hands of the perpetrator. The decision at attempted murder lies squarely in the hands of the assailant. The decision to bring a gun to a party leads one to believe that the person came to the party with ill-intent; he was looking for trouble. Although I agree that the young lady should not have been at a late night party at her age, I am far from the thought that what happened to this young lady is remotely here fault – not even an tiny bit.

  6. Karen Fridie-Burke Says:

    Ditto Bobby! In situations like this, one has to take cover, because this person was irrational even before he fired in the air. Who knows, what kind of demons were occupying his mind at that moment….drugs, alcohol, rage?

    I hope she recovers. Very sad!

  7. taritari Says:

    When are they going to put violence education in the schools and parent meetings?

    This is a story that repeats and repeats in various ways with someone being attacked, knifed, shot, just plain violenced.

    When will love be promoted in our communities and not have violence to be some secret sneak attack.

    We still have a lot of multicultural racism going on in our communities, ethnocentrism and just plain hatred of each other because of the ethnic group one comes from.

    In Boston, Massachusetts in the inner cities, African Americans, West Indians, Haitians, Cape Verdeans, Asians, Middle East, Hispanics and Caucasian youth have learned to accept one another’s differences in language and culture but secretly and openly there is still hatred. When will we get to the bottom of this?

    We have mixed culture youth, the one parent is from one culture or country while the other parent is from another culture or country, no problem there! It is about love!

    African Americans, Africans from outside of America, West Indians, Haitians, Cape Verdeans, Hispanics have a common bond, they have a common race factor of being African and then combined with another culture, if so. They are family!

    Caucasian and Natives (Original People of North America, Columbus’s mistake of calling the people American Indians) have become mixed too.

    The Africans of America and Caucasians have become mixed with all other cultures. Italians, English and Irish cultures boldly boast of their heritage while there is still confusion amongst the African Americans and their heritage since slavery.

    As humans, we all have a responsibility to respect one another.

    We must look into the stressors that have been leading to this stupidity of violence.

    Lack of self esteem, lack of money, lack of impressive materialism, violence on violence have all led to self hatred and hatred of others.

    Put in the schools education on violence, include the parents, start having continuous open discussions. Stop this one day a year put aside for National whatever day!

    We have to stop predicting violence increase when the summer approaches for the winter states. Every spring people start saying the summer is going to bad and full of violence. It is expected.

    We have to change our thinking and ways of approaching violence.

    Our youth need to travel to other parts of the world to reflect on their differences and comparisons of culture! They are stuck in a rut, the same communities day in, day out. Start creating more programs for the youth to travel and write a paper about it.

    Keep the concerns going, start contests for our youth and adults to come up with creative ideas to stop violence.

    Law needs to be taught in the latter elementary grades on up to prevent our youth from going to court, jails, prison, foster homes and the graveyards.

    We are family! We are human!

    Let’s smoke (just a saying) the PeacePipe folks and re-examine ourselves as to our purpose and motives here on earth!

    We can re-write the bible!

  8. jojo Says:

    first of all she is strong an she is gonna survive cuz we are strong boricuas torres :/ cum on cuzzo wakeup

  9. Elliee Says:

    oh stfu people all you guy’s are saying the SAME thing, why don’t you just give your condolences to the family of hers? geez you all say something but you have NO idea what it is to get shot or anything im pretty sure stop talking about your children no one cares and obviously certain people are allowed to have fun she went to a part that’s her. now stfu -__-

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